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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Teachez Of Peachez!

Beautifully done face, well toned+tanned+waxed legs, great shoes, a black dress, tasteful jewelry, fantastic makeup, and a wig worn the way it should!

New Jersey/New York must have the best looking tgirls. London probably comes a close second. Anyhoo, here's Dana Peachez. You may stop drooling now.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Indian Supertrannies

That's Superbehen [Super-Sister] in a Bollywood style costume, complete with gold trimmed seams and a lehenga!

One of the hottest Indian gay/lesbian/transgendered nights in the United States is organized by Sholay Events, which was started by the fabulous Indian-American+lesbian DJ Ashu Rai, Pakistani-American Atif Toor, and ex-Mumbai lad Rajesh Parwatkar.

Its great to see some out and proud Bollywood drag queens and Desi transvestites. Don't you just love the typical auntyji makeup, the gaudy sarees, the big bindis, the garish jewellery, and the "hai rabbas" in place of the "oohs" and "aahs"?

The current kurti/jooti trend makes it easier for Indian drag divas to look more authentic.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Presenting TinyLioness!

I often wonder if I'd be turn out to be a better-looking tranny if I'd moved to NYC and worked for this fashion house which offered me a job once.

Anyhoo, boys and girls, this is TinyLioness from NYC. Isn't she the hottest?
Awesome body, great makeup, sexy dress, french nails. And the hair-do rules too.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Resurrecting Karina :-|

I knew I should've bought a Sony, but no, I spotted this Fuji digital camera on sale, and thought it'd be apt replacement for my long-time partner in crime, which eventually became a victim of brutal crime, the trusty, yet not testy Cybershot. :-(

Or maybe, I should go through the user manual. And fix the lighting, because in spite of all that foundation, I can see the dreaded shadow. Slap me, somebody. Either way, I'm putting up a select few pictures from today's vanity session - I'd like to believe I'm not exactly photogenic on certain days.

Its a great feeling to look into the mirror and see a young woman, instead of a stuffy little corporate fart.

Yes, I know I've gained weight. I need to spend more on feminizing myself and less on food. I do love those shoes - they make me feel like a transvestite diva (which I'm not - people mistake a love for solitude to be an attitude problem) - and I feel bitchy enough to be a cocktease. Bring me a gullible young man, somebody.

Transvestite Cillian Murphy!

Does Cillian Murphy not look delightful in the above pic from this flick, girls 'n' boys? I think he makes a really feminine girlie girl.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Welcome to Transvestite Planet!

I've maintained my own trannyspace online for a few years now, but I don't like updating it. Having caught the blogging bug, I've decided that Miss Karina needs a blog! Yes, there is a dearth of transvestite blogs, so I decided to jump into the fray. This blog will feature:
  • My thoughts on transvestism, including veiled fantasies
  • My photos, mostly clothed (thank your stars you don't have to see my cellulite deposits!)
  • Other hot tranny photos. Yummy.
  • Some tranny news. And a dash of propaganda!
If you're wondering about me, I'm just another transvestite with awful photography skills, and gaudy taste in everything femme. While back in the day, I used to wonder whether I was transgendered, I can affirm for the moment that I'm not. Just a sweet bisexual transvestite. I love dressing and behaving femme, but then I revert to my regular life. My preferred partner would ideally be another bi tranny, then a woman, and finally, as a last resort, a dog. Okay, maybe a man, not a dog, as long as the man's not a dog. That doesn't mean I'll stop being a bitch. Does it?

I need want desire some tranny friends. Its about time I stopped avoiding this part of life. And with my newly single status, I think the time is ripe to let me hair down and enjoy life as the girl tranny I am a lot of the times.